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PHILOSOPHY- GILL ASSOCIATES is a full-service architecture, structural engineering, and interior design firm based in Punjab, India. The firm has a broad portfolio of projects locally and nationwide. The practice offers architectural services for Commercial, Hospitality, Office, and Residential projects from early planning and entitlement phases and design through construction, specializing in Type I structures.

The firm’s philosophy and practice are founded in understanding each client’s needs and project goals, with a commitment to excellence in design, service, ecological responsibility, and utilization of state-of-the-art design tools and techniques with a hands-on approach. Our employees have a wide range of experience and expertise, along with professional accreditations including the Indian Standards accreditation, membership to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Institute of Engineers, Institution of Valuers, and the Council of Architecture. We remain open-minded so that our work can adapt throughout the dynamic process of making places for people.  Each project is designed to address our client’s needs, budget, and specific site conditions.

While many firms specialize in a single project type Gill Associates has developed design expertise regardless of the building type. We are known for ‘special’ and ‘unique’ buildings of various types.   We have developed design expertise, a methodology, regardless of building type. Approaching every project with fresh eyes, allows us to bring the best critical thinking to the table, often resulting in unique and appropriately suited solutions to old problems.

HISTORY– Founded in 1989 as GILL ASSOCIATES. Over the twenty-eight years of practice, Gill Associates has competed for nearly every project type ranging from Single-Family Homes to Multi-Family Housing, Affordable Housing, Commercial, Institutional, Educational and Governmental Buildings.

PROCESS – Our practice is grounded in the belief that the client’s direct participation in our design process results in more meaningful and thoughtful buildings. Our process is open and fosters active client participation and the ability to make choices as the project develops. We seek, obtain, and develop critical knowledge early in the concept design phase.  This collaborative approach to design serves as the basis for all Gill Associates projects.

FUNCTIONALITY– It is important to us that we achieve a balance between engineering and art, efficiency and beauty, diversity of users, and functionality while conforming to the project’s construction budget and schedule. We believe that the design should actively engage social, cultural, technical, and ecological issues because it is through this lens that design becomes relevant. Success is measured by the design’s responsiveness to the client’s needs, building’s users, and its specific site.

We understand that the role of the design team is sometimes marked by complexity and conflicting requirements as the project evolves and responds to stakeholders’ needs. We are skilled at building dynamic rapport with our clients and user groups and have a proven track record in creating inspiring and exceptionally functional buildings that fulfill these collective goals.  Our process is open and responsive.  We understand the importance of incorporating the input from a wide variety of stakeholders.

CONSTRUCTION FEASIBILITY – When designing our projects, it is of the highest priority to develop the design and engineering approaches that minimize complex and possibly expensive or time-consuming structural elements, in favour of a simplified, direct approach which results in more flexibility at the building stage, fewer problems, and ultimately lower costs. The quality of a project is not necessarily related to how much it costs, but rather how wisely the resources of time and money are spent. We firmly believe that design excellence can be achieved on any scale or budget; that economy and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Our strategy is to seek simplicity, which results in flexibility in use and economy in cost. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to our clients, who rely on us to honour our commitments to budget, schedule, and quality of work.

DESIGN EXCELLENCE – GILL ASSOCIATES has a proven track record at delivering design excellence that inspires and engages people, incorporating creativity, originality, functionality, and technology.  These core values allow us to challenge convention and explore new ways of building through innovative use of materials, structures, and technical systems to create spaces people love.

BIM, CAD, DIGITAL EQUIPMENT & CAPABILITIES – BIM (Building Information Modelling) has proven to be the only responsible way to design and document buildings and managing construction. GILL ASSOCIATES is a pioneering firm committed exclusively to utilizing Autodesk’s BIM Revit software on all our design and construction projects. Revit provides unparalleled scheduling, design, coordination, management, conflict resolution, and overall documentation quality to strengthen the Architect’s and Owner’s leadership over the entire project. It also assists in consultant coordination, resulting in economic savings and time efficiency for the client. AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Pro, and Illustrator) and 3D Studio are used in conjunction with Revit as necessary for project presentation.

Along with secure redundant network backups and in-house networks, our office servers provide a large capacity FTP project storage for around the clock large scale data transfer for clients, consultants, and user groups. We also provide our clients with all the necessary technical resources needed for powerful and seamless project delivery.

VALUE ADDED BENEFITS – BIM (Building Information Modelling), senior staff member commitment, hands-on involvement, and fresh design approach and techniques are some added value benefits the firm provides to all projects. Renderings, continual up-to-date 3D visualizations, high-speed FTP are additional features of the design process the firm provides for all projects. The firm is committed and founded on understanding each client’s needs and project goals and committed to excellence in design, service, ecological responsibility, and utilizing state-of-the-art design tools and techniques bringing value and added benefit with each service above and beyond the industry standard design and documentation service.


“Big Enough to Do the Job, Small Enough to Care”

Our multidisciplinary services provide us with access to a broad range of resources and experience, giving us the ability to accommodate tight budgets within demanding schedules for any scale or type of project. Our comprehensive services have provided us with advanced knowledge and experience in each discipline while working with in-house teams. We believe that innovative, yet functional design solutions can be achieved within the limits of any budget, schedule, or criteria. We are a full-service design firm.

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