Mr.Sukhmander Singh Gill

Mr. Sukhmander Singh Gill

Founder and Principal at Gill Associates, Sukhmander Singh since, 1989. His approach to architecture, while deeply rooted in the tenets of the modern tradition also is forging a new path – that the built environment can have a transformative influence on people by providing an environment that engenders creativity and curiosity that itself becomes an instrument of the human experience. A large part of the firm’s success can be traced to Mr. Gill’s design philosophy, which emphasizes client requirements and user experience above the imposition of any particular design. Working carefully to understand the functional and behavioural patterns intrinsic to each new project and site, Mr. Gill’s goal is to produce a structure that leaves a lasting impression on users and visitors, heightening their sense of awareness and engagement with the environment.

Mr. Gill has worked on a wide range of projects including municipal, commercial, education, industry, and residential projects throughout Punjab. He has provided complete structural upgrade designs in accordance with current building codes and standards for structural steel, reinforced and precast concrete, masonry, and timber structural systems.


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